Whacha Seemea


7 sweeps.

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces all "f"'s with "ph"'s, and vice versa. Also capitalizes "h." Uses emoticons frequently.


Board games, video games, games in general. Also likes basic science.


Stupidity, idiocy, brutes

Alliance: Leaning on the edge of good

Gender: Male

Powers: Manipulation

Blood: Lime


Very humble. Short, light brown hair and green eyes. Wears a suit with a red undershirt, blue jacket, and a purple tie. Sometimes wears glasses, mostly to look "cool."


He enjoys playing mind-games on people. He is an open master of manipulation, phsycic or otherwise.

He has made elaborite traps and puzzles for people, and, in a sense, has shown an extremely dangerous tendencies. His manipulation can lead people into doing things he wants.

He is a coward directly in combat, though, so he prefers to stay "behind the scenes."