Viktor Crump

Viktor Crump

Dream Viktor

Bard of Void

hEhEhEhE Its...AlIvE!!!!!


Bard of Void


7 Alternian solar sweeps (14 earth years)

Screen Name

horsyHighblood Ancestor: His Imperial Illumination

Typing Style

capitalizes AEIOU and sometimes Y, while using horse puns. Adds a arrow sign after each lower case "o" to resemble a male symbol.

Strife Specibi

lazergunkind, fistkind, pitchfrkkind


Igor- man/goat lusus


Land of Villages and Thunder

Abilities as god tierEdit

Allows destruction of void or invites destruction through void.


Always making and inventing things for the team, but doesn't like all the work he has to do. He plans on destroying every human, troll, and cherub with a doomsday device he hid in the center Alternia.He is an especially powerful and influential member of the HIghblOOD ArIstOcrAcy.