Harbringer Kanji
Veilas Zapdog


Harbringer of Destruction



Screen Name

killerFang (KF)

Typing Style this...with occasional...dots...inbetween words...

Zodiac Sign


Strife Specibi

demonkind (able to summon creatures, able to use twin swords, able to use mouth and claws)


Land of Darkness and Death

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short, messy hair, bright red pupils (mutation), his whole body (except for his upper head) is robotic, including his neck and lower head (mouth, nose, etc.), mouth has tons of large, sharp fangs in multiple rows, much like a shark. Quite strong and durable, thanks to his robotic body. Electricity flows inbetween horns, which curve above his head to the point that they almost connect.

Lusus: None

Personality: Sadistic, evil, extremely extremely unstable. Veilas used to be any normal troll, until he was attacked by a crazed lusus and was reduced to nothing more than an upper head and a brain. A random scientist troll who isn't important to the story enough to get a name brought him to his lab and gave him an artificial body and organs, and he managed to pump all his recovered blood into his machine body. When Veilas awoke, he imediately attacked and devoured (yes, devoured) the scientist who turned him into this monster. From then on, he was changed.

Blood Color: Naturally black blood (mutation)

Dreamworld: None

Friends with: ???

Browser: Grim Reaper