Neptune symbol
Sucellos Condatis


Thief of Mind



Screen Name

humbleResplendent (HR)

Typing Style

-| w r i t e s l i k e t h i s |-

Strife Specibi



Land of Rejection and Shade

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has short hair. Wears tight pants so they don’t bother him underwater. Walks around barefoot. Has fins on his face and gills on his sides that are tinted with his blood around the edges. He has three horns. Three of 'em. He has two on the right side of his head and one on the left. They're all shaped like devil horns but while two are symmetrical and curl upwards the extra one curls down.

Lusus: Krakenfather

Personality: He’s one of those people who are conceited but think they’re humble. Sucellos may say something he thinks is nice but it can actually be very insulting. He constantly bullies Eir, (tsun-tsun) but actually has red feelings for her (dere-dere). He has black feelings for Cessair because everyone looks to her to lead them. However he enjoys swimming around and helping sea creatures in need so he isn't so bad. Still he is slightly cold towards land dwellers.

Blood Color: Lilac

Dream World: Derse

Friends: ?

Browser: Eros