17 Thetis symbol
Siduri Hotei


Explorer of Void



Screen Name

honorablyVenturous (HV)

Typing Style

~Puts~all~ his~words~ like~this~.

Strife Specibi



Auraka - Friend


Land of Forests and Adventures

Gender: Male

Appearance: Basically like an adorable little girl. Except he’s a troll and a guy. He has four symmetrical horns on each side of his head that twist together. Large eyes that make him look innocent. Extra sharp teeth. A black dress with his symbol on it. (Later though he actually starts wearing boy clothes.)

Lusus: Wolfmom

Personality: Siduri clings to Auraka. When he was still 2.5 sweeps old (5.42 earth years), his lusus abandoned him. For a half a sweep, he lived in a forest. When Auraka found him, she thought he was cute, despite being dirty and such. So she took him to her hive and her lusus sort of adopted him. Since then he’s lived and grew up with Auraka. He’s a little bit bitter over his past which really affected him once he realized how loving lusus can actually be. But overall he can be nice when he has to. Because Auraka is in love with cute things, she would force him into outfits. Which actually leads everyone to believe he is a girl because he refuses to cut his hair. So he just rolls with it, wearing whatever Auraka forces on him. While everyone else is 6 sweeps old, he is still 5.8 sweeps old (12.57 earth years). He calls Auraka, Aura. He gets jealous of Eir, Clota, and Sucellos sometimes because of Auraka's determination to pursue a relationship with them for their blood.

Blood Color: Teal

Dream World: Prospit