Richard Wood
Character sketch by reneekawaii-d3coro3


Knight of Light



Screen Name

aphonicPreeminent (AP)

Typing Style

has no captializasion and somtimes misspels simple wrods. but later when the trolls begin bothering them, he forces himself to write normally. his smilys are somtimes like this :x to represent his lak of spech

Strife Specibi

riflekind, stungunkind

Live(s) in



Land of Clouds and Color

Gender: Male

Appearance: Black hair. Black eyes. Hoodie with that symbol. Gray jeans. He needs reading glasses but prefers wearing contacts.

Guardian: Grandfather

Sprite: ?

Personality: Richard is actually mute. Because of this he actually doesn’t have much friends, also his name is often cause of ridicule. His grandfather at first insisted he be tutored at home or a special institute. He managed to convince his grandfather to let him attend a public school. Even if at first he was placed in the special education class, he worked hard and far surpassed many of the children his age. He throws himself into his studies and his only true friends are those online because they don’t know he’s mute. He communicates through writing. He plays saxophone. He is most interested in smooth jazz and his studies.

Dreamworld: Prospit

Friends: ?

Browser: Chimera

Text Color: Pumpkin