Mellohi Scratch

Mellohi Scratch

Mellohi Scratch Derse

Mellohi Scratch Prospit

Mellohi Scratch God Tier

Melhoi wheelchair

Melhoi's newoutfit

Mellohi Scratch Ship Costume


Melhoi bro


Lord Of Mind


18 years old and now 19 years old

Screen Name


Typing Style

Capitalizes the first letter of every word, uses full stops and question marks

Strife Specibi

lazerkind swordkind knifepistolkind

Comb Rave


Fetch Modus

Book Modus


Mom Scratch - Mom
Unknown Carapace - Exile
Jenny McFee - Friendenemy, client.
PhoenixCreedSprite - Phoenix Wright poster prototyped with his action figure of Assassin's Creed.


Land of Gold and Ice


Microchips and robotics




Wub Wub Wub

Mellohi Scratch is the main man of his group, mainly because there is only four people in the group, but that doesn't stop him from boasting about it.

On Pesterchum his Chumhandle is miraculousSwordsman.

He has 2 dream selves, one on Derse, one on Prospit, this is due to an electrical charge hitting him in his sleep, causing his dream self to split into two people.

This lets him see and do stuff on BOTH planets at the same time. This also lets him be god tier twice, but who the hell would do that? That would be STUPID.

He makes weapons and costumes for his friends. Not that they need the costumes, but he enjoys it.


Scratch contacted Jenny as soon as he heard she was playing Sburb. He joined up as the server player, and he helped her enter the Medium.

After he entered the Medium himself, he beat down hundreds of giant grist ogres Attack-on-Titan-style, greatly contributing to the boondollars raised for the other players in his session. He was also responsible for getting his friends on board the skyship they flew out of the universe on.

Abilities as God TierEdit

Control of EVERYTHING involving the mind. Seriously, this guy will jedi mind trick yo ass. Or maybe just snap your sanity like a twig.


Scratch is incredibly smooth. He always knows exactly what he's doing, no matter what disasters are happening around him.


  • He does not have some sort of weird closet fetish, despite popular belief. He just thinks that closets are an easy way of trapping people.
  • He is skilled at killing Grist Ogres, often beheading them in one slice.
  • He is the only human in The Omega Session with a defined skin color.
  • The logo on his main shirt resembles a cherub skull with a hat.