Loan Moss

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You're in danger of cuttin' yerzelf.


Knight of Mind



Screen Name


Typing Style

Involves a series of dots to express... thought or boredom. Replaces S's with Z's because it's the new Omega, the End. Uses Irish accent in typing.

Zodiac Sign

Leo ♌

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Poker, later Clover


Guardian: Da

Live(s) in

Appartment above a bookstore. Dublin.


Land of Creation and Reeds


Awkward silence, sharp objects, healthy debate, reading, card games


Fallacies, cats, heat, losing, being ignored, boring people (as defined by Loan)

Loan Moss is a human, although he does often wonder what else he could be. You know, if there were other things out there.

His pester quirk involves a series of dots to express thought or boredom. He also replaces all S's with Z's because it's the new Omega, the End. His Irish accent translates into his typing as well. Preferred text color is Burnt Orange.

There is little Loan would not do defend the honor of his Irish heritage. In fact, his extreme loyalty to his ancestors is a source of great pride for Loan and he would gladly fight to the death to defend it. Assuming he knew the other guy would die, of course. His red facial hair (assuming he were to grow it) would attest to this. Owes loyalty to the Irish Republican Army, following in his father's footsteps.

Loan, putting much meaning into the details, loves to pry into the meaning of names. His first name means Good Light, something Loan never thought to much about but loves very much. Something about his tendency to focus on the darker side of life allows him to find solace in that fact that he might bring some good into the world.

Personality Edit

Loan is a rather sarcastic fellow who does not shy away from a conversation, even if it gets awkward. He has taken to long pauses to try and alleviate some tension or reestablish a flow, but this often makes the second party feel more uncomfortable. He can also be tad harsh, but this stems from his environment. A little jeering is friendly. If he hates you, he'd rather kill than make fun.

He reads often, but is very picky when he does. Currently he is working his way through a pile of books which cost him a pretty penny on a whim. Loan only reads a book when gets a good feeling. Although, not even he knows what that means.

His vast amount of knowledge typically leads to misunderstandings, which he does not mind, but others do. Most of these incidents involve his using or support of a controversial system or symbol which, to him, has significance which has nothing to do with the original idea. He ignores controversy and pursues truth, even if it gets him in heaps of trouble.

Loan loves to make fun of his British cohorts and does so by adopting a persona he dubs Sir Fluffel. Unlike the unpredictably serious and silly Loan, Sir Fluffel is always serious, but in a snide sort of way. He never smiles and prefers his bubble pipe and cane to any sentient company. Sir Fluffel typically appears when Loan starts to talk about high society or royalty. Needless to say, Loan and Sir Fluffel do not get along.

Loan takes great pride in his extensive knowledge of symbols, especially those having to do with Alchemy. He often, much to the chagrin of others, draws these symbols on any available surface. This usually translates to him drawing them on his arms in an attempt to avoid unnecessary lectures.

Fetch Modus Edit

Poker Edit

This Modus currently set to Five Card, representing the card game Five Card Stud. It works in a similar way, except the Captchalogue Cards are the deck.

Every time an item is picked up the entire deck of Captchalogue Cards is reshuffled. From that deck five cards are drawn and these five cards are the only ones that can be used until the deck is reshuffled. To reshuffle the deck, the player must pick up another item. Items drawn may be dropped and picked back up, thus reshuffling without having to find a new item.

The player also reserves the right to call for the drawing of a number of new cards, but must offer up an equal amount of cards in exchange. This can be done with all currently drawn cards. It may only be done once per shuffle.

On the other side of the Poker Modus is the option for Hold 'Em. Loan has not used this setting yet and is afraid to because he already understands Five Card.

Strife Deck Edit


Loan has heard that others may use his precious Bladekind[1], but will never believe anyone has loved it as much. He has owned his Strife Deck for as long as he can remember, a gift from his father when he was a child. It has served as a convenient storage tool for his many sharp and pointy objects ever since.

Box Cutter Loan's trusty companion.[2] He bought this beaut a few years ago to carry around in case any drunkards wanted to tussle. Fortunately, it never came to that. But it has opened quite a few boxes and even cans in the mean time. Occasionally serving as a screwdriver or pry.

Pile of Razor Blades Once upon a time Loan broke the blade of his Box Cutter and was forced to buy a replacement. Being a tad bit lazy, he just ordered them in bulk online. This is the result. At least he will always have a spare.

KA-BAR Just before moving into his apartment, Loan bought this for home protection. It's big, black, and awesome.[3] The very first day he brought it home he dropped it on the cement sidewalk outside. It chipped the sidewalk. The blade was fine.

History Edit

Loan has somewhat mixed feelings toward his late parents. He never knew his mother, Mamaí, but hears she was a patriotic young lady from the neighbors. His father, Athair, was his guardian for most of his life. However, when Loan was fifteen his father was arrested for involvement with IRA activity and subsequently disappeared. He now lives above the old family book store, which has been reduced to IRA storage since the war, selling books as a front. He still occasionally runs guns in order to make ends meet.