Uranus symbol
Eir Malakas


Mage of Rage



Screen Name

introvertAxiom (IA)

Typing Style

Replaces ‘o’ wi+h ‘*’ and ‘t’ wi+h ‘+’

Strife Specibi



Cessair - Moirail


Land of Fire and Deception

Gender: Female

Appearance: Layered hair. Short. Wears shorts like these ([1]). White strap shirt. Has two black leather straps on her upper arms and thighs. Black leather boots. Black symbol. Horns have the shape of leaf sort of. Her teeth are almost as 'dull' as human teeth. She wears square glasses.

Lusus: Pandamom (Because why the hell not?)

Personality: Shy and insecure. She hasn’t told anyone about her blood color and so she is extremely careful with everything. However, deep down, she has a powerful rage. She’s angry at having been a mutant, at everyone for calling her a mutant. She could snap any moment. She enjoys collecting things, such as posters, that don't really hold value. But she believes that in a few years they would be worth millions.

Blood Color: Mutant Red

Dreamworld: Derse

Browser: Cereberus

Text Color: Iceberg