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Screen Name

darkestOblivion (DO)

Typing Style

WORDS switch BETWEEN all CAPS and ALL lowercase. Curses a lot (so much that it's funny) if angered. He calls himself 'Chaos' often, and refers to death as falling into the Void.

Zodiac Sign


Strife Specibi

greatswordkind, scythekind, chaoticType/ultimaType/doomType (switches randomly between Chaotic, Ultima, and Doom types. Each has different greatswords and scythes wieldable. Chaotic is more focused on legendary weapons used to cause chaos, such as Ragnarok and Masamune, and Soul Eater. Ultima has ultra-powerful weapons like Ultima Weapon, though it is rarely selected. Ultima type is currently unknown to Dostor. Doom has weapons focused completely around causing death to enemies with no care for anything but death, which makes the weapons differently shaped from the other types. When Doom is selected, it usually involves lots of blood and gore.)


Noir Sirdon - Friend


Land of Fire and Bedlam

Gender: Male

Appearance: Scars across both eyes, right eye has a large straight scar, right eye has an x-shaped scar. Japanese-style spiked back hair (the kind that disobeys gravity).

Lusus: A large sea serpent, named Manda. (deceased)

Personality: Grumpy, extremely unstable. Deep down he wishes to return everything to the Void, and thus end all where it begins.

Blood Color: Violet

Dreamworld: Prospit

Browser: Cerberus