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Denizens are immensely powerful NPCs found in Sburb sessions. They are, at first, asleep, but as the player progresses through the Seven Gates, they awaken. However visiting a denizen early causes them to wake up prematurely. Each is said to guard an immense Grist hoard, to be released upon their defeat and used for the Ultimate Alchemy, although their true purpose appears to be to offering players The Choice which differs depending on the circumstances but seems to be based on facing your mortality. The denizens control the underlings and are responsible for many of the problems found on the players' planets.

Due to the nature of denizens, they are not assigned by world, but by player.



Echidna is the denizen assigned to Heroes of Space.

In Greek myth, Echidna was considered the mate to Typheus and the "mother of all monsters" in that she actually gave birth to them.

It is also of note that Echidna's quills can be used as not only a weapon, but are also the only thing sharp enough to scratch the Scratch construct.

This denizen having quills is most likely in reference to the real life animal sharing the same name.

Players assigned to Echidna in The Omega SessionEdit



In Christian Gnosticism Yaldabaoth ("Daughter of Chaos" in Hebrew) is the demiurge, a being who was responsible for the creation of the universe. While Yaldabaoth is not a figure of classical Greek mythology as per the previous six revealed Denizens, the concept of a 'demiurge' was originally derived from the Platonic dialogue, Timaeus.

He is the most powerful and rarest of all denizens.

Rather than being assigned to an aspect, Yaldabaoth is only given to the most naturally gifted warriors.

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Chernobog derives his name from Czernobog, meaning black god. He is capable of causing serious devastation to his planet once woken.

He is assigned to players of Doom.

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In Greek myth, Hephaestus lived in a volcano, and was the God of blacksmithing.

He is assigned to players of Time.

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In Greek mythology Homonoia (Greek: Ὁμόνοια) was a minor goddess of concord, unanimity, and oneness of mind. Her opposite was Eris (Strife).

She is assigned to players of Mind.

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