The Comb Rave (or Hive Ragtime, depending on certain criteria) is a special move utilized by collecting Honey from imps. Each character's Comb Rave is specific, and very few start their Sburb session with one. Null, Void, or Dead sessions cannot use a Comb Rave/Hive Ragtime.

Specific Comb RavesEdit


Anyone can use one of these.

Abstracted thoughtEdit

This allows both the dream self and the normal self to be awake and experience things at the same time.


Prospit Sleuth/Problem SleuthEdit

Comb Rave: Sepulchritude

Sepulchritude grants Prosipit Sleuth amazing power. He weilds the Tetrixcalibur and the resplendent light of divine pulchritude consumes his spirit. However, it leaves him on the verge of dying afterwards.

Midnight CrewEdit

Hive Ragtime: Fill 'em with Midnight

The Midnight Crew use the powers of jazz mixed with darkness to force Team Sleuth into a jazzy nightclub, where they dance the night away, wishing they had never left their offices.


Mellohi ScratchEdit

Comb Rave: Zantetsuken

With this, Mellohi can execute a deadly slice that can easily slice a building in half, possibly planets at Comb Rave v2, which he unfortunately never got to use.

Elton SummersEdit

Hive Ragtime: Gigaslash

With Gigaslash, Elton takes him and his target up into the air, using a flurry of deadly rushing blows with his sword. With his Fusion Katana, he can bring it up to Hive Ragtime v2, wherein he splits his sword into its respective parts and sends each one slicing through the target. Yeah, sounds familiar, I know.

Jenny McFeeEdit

Comb Rave: Break Time

Thanks to her very powerful but passive class, Jen has Break Time. With it, she can completely freeze time and explore anywhere "in spirit," allowing her to examine her surroundings and come up with a plan of success. V2 of Break Time (achieved with God Tier) actually allows her to move around in real life, giving her the opportunity to go anywhere and do anything within a nothingth of a second.

The Queen's RingEdit

Comb Rave/Hive Ragtime: Red Miles

No one can escape the Miles (WIP)

Under normal circumstances, only carapaces can use The Queen's Ring. However, with a Comb Rave, the ring's deadliest move can be used by any.


A v2 Comb Rave or Hive Ragtime is usually similar to as the original one, with the usual difference being more powerful or more likely to be effective. The requirements for a v2 rave is highly subjective. For example, while Mellohi Scratch's rave could be achieved by going God Tier, Elton Summers would need the Fusion Katana to make his v2 ragtime happen.