Earth symbol
Clota Tamesis


Maiden of Bravery



Screen Name

wistfulSoprano (WS)

Typing Style

St-t-t-tutters a l-l-lot. Bu-u-u-ut otherwise wr-r-r-rites normally.

Strife Specibi



Land of Hope and Sound

Gender: Female

Appearance: Her hair is like this ( Wears a dress that comes up to mid thighs and a swim suit underneath. This is her dress ( Her symbol is on a clasp that goes around her waist. Her horns are like the horns on a viking helmet except hers are actually real. Has fins on her face and gills on her sides that are both tinted magenta.

Lusus: Dolphinmom

Personality: Clota is very shy. She admires Sucellos greatly and wishes to be more strong and confident like him. She is very sweet and enjoys listening to music. Along with her fascination of it, she also has a very beautiful soprano singing voice.

Blood Color: Magenta

Dream World: Prospit

Friends: ?

Browser: Io