• Aquadimond123


    December 30, 2017 by Aquadimond123


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  • Corly Deluxe PC

    Dead Wikia

    December 17, 2017 by Corly Deluxe PC

    Apparently, This wiki is dead, can't we just revive it?

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  • LuminateBrighter

    Hello! 1 am so exc1ted to jo1n th1s w1k1!!!! 1t's just so EXC1T1NG!!!! Anyways, exc1tement assured, 1 have th1s p1cture 1 drew. N1ce, 1sn't 1t?

    1'm tak1ng requests for headshots, 1f anyone needs one. Absolutely free.

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  • AndroiDiamond

    Happy Humpday!

    December 17, 2014 by AndroiDiamond

    So i've been watching a LOT of youtube recently and I've come up with the idea of doing submissions to your requests. It's kind of a welcome gift for the new people of the wikia and to show my appreciation. All you need to do is ask me what you want for me to draw thats homestuck related and i'll draw it. I might even do Humpday requests every Wednesdays of every week if you guys want.

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  • Mellohi Scratch

    Wow, I Haven't Been On This For A While, Glad To See There Are Some Edits Rollin In For Zeta, So Thats Good :D

    The Giga-Pause Kinda Killed My Homestuck Works, But Homestucks Back And So Am I!

    • sarcastic yays and crappy claps*

    Anyway, I Might Need A Whole Pick Me Up On The Plans For Zeta And Stuff, You Know, Project Works And Such, Stuff We Wanna Do, So If Anyone Would Like To Fill Me In, That Would Be Cool.

    Anyway I Dunno How To End This, Soooo, Waffle

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  • Captain Bubbles

    'Hoy, there, wiki!

    Here I am, with my, *ahem* third wikia account. The reason why is a long and tragic story...that I don't feel like telling.


    I don't know how to close this blog post, so...yay, I'm back for official. about this morning's update?

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  • AndroiDiamond

    Facebook & Tumblr

    October 21, 2014 by AndroiDiamond

    I'm going to create an official facebook and tumblr page for the Homestuck Roleplay, Omega session, and the Zeta Session. This may spread the word and bring more people to our wikia. Also it's great that Hussie's returned to Homestuck after that LOOONG Gigapause. More webcomic means more inspiration for the roleplay.

    Unoficial Tumblr Profile:

    Username: homestuckroleplaywikia

    Unoficial Facebook page:

    not made yet

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  • AndroiDiamond

    Wikia Hiatus Over

    October 17, 2014 by AndroiDiamond

    I've decided that when the Homestuck hiatus is over, I will try to bring back to life the Omega Session storyline that crosses over to the other session. I've got some great ideas and I cant wait to show them. The reason I had quit the wikia all those months ago was because of laziness and no time. But now I have plenty.Hope you all have a great October!

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  • Kittygirl19

    Got some Prenu done

    January 16, 2014 by Kittygirl19

    I need Mellohi to add the gills, and fully color in her headfringe. All of them have white headfringe.

    (god headfringe is an annoying word to say)


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  • Kittygirl19

    Sollko Zanchi

    January 7, 2014 by Kittygirl19

    I changed my character to an OC of mine called Sollko Zanchi (SOllko is sometimes spelled Sollllllko, like teRRRRRRence), and I decided to sprite her. The markings in her hair are the result of her slitting her wrists and painting a little Trollgreek on it.

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  • Kittygirl19

    Mary Sues

    December 8, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    As I was RPing as Algiba on MSPARP, I saw some Mary Sues. One went by the name of Twilia Leijon, and she was a jadeblooded Leijon. I got enraged that it defied the laws of genetics.

    The other was Solchi Makara, Gamzee's sister. TROLLS DON'T HAVE SIBLINGS!11!!!!1!11!!!!!!!1!1!

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  • Kittygirl19

    Gamma Features

    December 3, 2013 by Kittygirl19
    • A new species (Prenu)
    • A pesterlog
    • A forum post inspiration
    • A meme
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  • Kittygirl19

    I've been here for nearly a year, and I miss the productivity.

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  • Mellohi Scratch

    No, Not My Birthday, Mellohi's! Since I Dont Have My Laptop, Have A Cake! Make Sure To Share!

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  • Kittygirl19

    In Memory of Ω

    November 12, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    Since Omega ended, I was dissatisfied.It was my only session, until I made Γ to help me cope. Everyone, Kilkro, Skaahn, Sakana, Apollo, Viktor, Shriga, Pallas, Nitori, Nephim, Cochin, Sakuya, Cass, Meg, Mellohi, Jenny, Dylan, Jodi, they are all alive in my heart.

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  • Kittygirl19


    November 3, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    Who should be the leader of Gamma?

    Every bloodline should get time to shine, and John was Beta's leader, so that eliminates Jaye.

    I think Rena could be the leader.

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  • Mellohi Scratch

    So, My Laptop Broke Down, Not Gonna Be Able To Do Any Sprites/Be On Livechat Till Its Fixed. And I Am Planning A Picture Update For The Omega Session, So Look Forward To That, When My Laptop Is Fixed I Will Update It

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  • Mellohi Scratch


    October 25, 2013 by Mellohi Scratch

    Hey If You Guys Wanna Talk I Will Be On Livechat This Week, You Know, The Wiki One? That One On The Sidebar That Noone Is Ever On? Yea Ill Be On That, For This Week.

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  • Kittygirl19

    I have a question!

    What two Homestuck characters do you think would have filled a pail to create you?

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  • Kittygirl19

    Take [1] this website, and make a character based upon what comes up. 

    My result: 

    You are Asha Willis. Your interests include GAMBLING and META. You have allocated your STRIFE SPECIBUS with CHAINSAWKIND. You have a bit of OCD, but not that much. When you enter the Medium, you will go to the Land of Harbors and Spices, and you will be the Rogue of Light. You know that will come in handy when you're gambling. your chumhandle is '.

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  • Kittygirl19

    An Evolution of Style

    October 15, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    Here is a taxonomy on my sprites.

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  • Kittygirl19


    October 13, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    How about we do some Protostuck  comic dubs? Anyhoo, I call dibs on Fefeta.

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  • Kittygirl19

    ζ Suggestion

    September 26, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    I have a suggestion for The Zeta Session.

    I am wondering what her name could be. In my eyes, she looks like a Zoe Rakusa, or Lynn Bishop. I am sure that her title will be Knight of Heart, and she will use Knifeshotgunkind.

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  • Kittygirl19


    September 15, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    A Gamma bloodswap is on the way!

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  • Kittygirl19

    Another Idea!

    September 1, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    Page of Sprite, Bird of Life, King of Dreams, Seeker of Dark'ness, and Fez of Void get together to play DBURB! Yes, it's DBURB.

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  • Kittygirl19


    August 30, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    i̞̪̜̻,̼̲͔̱͡,̭͓̬͔,̠͎̠s͙̩̀AQ͙̻̠͓̬̦'̘̯̦̦̭̻ͅR̛͓̯W͎̳̺͓̝ ̮̪̫̯̹̰t͙H̤͕̞̯͎̭̰,̛,̷̭̟̱̲̪ͅE͘'̦͈̞̲̮S̱̟̹E̮̼͢ ͇̳͕̞̳a̗̰̱̟̦N͓̙̠̱͜D̙͔͔̫̤ ̜̝̺̦t̶̝̩̼͖̤̞H̟̪͖̥͔̜̦,͔,O̼̥̰̬'̳̟̲̟̪͕͟ͅU͘G҉̺̠̹̯'̛̠H̜͠T̷̟͎̭͇ ̬̱̀t̩̞̦͔̹̦H̥͜E̫̗̹̬̙̣̳'ͅS̩̀E͈̲̰̭͕͕͝W̝͕Q̠̦͓͍͞ ̺t̮̫̥̺O̢ ̯̥͍̀b͏̝̘e̘͝ f͟UŅ̰n̲̳̟̱͖͜y̴̰͈̳̱̪̮̩ṵ'̪r͎͔̙̼b̧̻g̻̤̮͔ͅu̦̤̠̝i̭̙̻̦̱̖̳'̤̩̗̱̱͍̼͠g̥͘

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  • AndroiDiamond

    This sucks...

    August 22, 2013 by AndroiDiamond

    I got my computer taken away  for who knows when, and I probably won't be able to update my lawyerstuck adventures. I also have no clue of how to make an awesome adventure for zeta session. And to top it all off, nobody on the internet looks at our adventures besides the four of us...

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  • Mellohi Scratch


    August 17, 2013 by Mellohi Scratch

    Alright, I Have A Few Questions For You Guys!

    1. When Is Ashlynn Getting Incorporated Into Zeta?

    2. Cows Or Chickens?

    3. Who Wants Cubeworld?

    4. Do You Think These Questions Are Honestly Serious?

    5. This Isnt Really A Question, But I Have NO Ideas For My Session Of Something, Exept Coming Up With Random Characthers, A Random Name And Just Doing What I Think Is Best, What Do You Think?

    6. Did I Honestly Say 10 Questions?

    7. Who Thinks Ashlynn Is Hot? (Dont Worry She's 18)

    8. Caw Caw?

    9. What Team?

    10. Steam Names?

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  • Kittygirl19

    Our Sad Destiny

    August 4, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    So Rogue is "steal for others' benefit", and Mind is "choice"?

    Failure is the only option (because I stole all the others).

    But it's only for this wiki's benefit.


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  • AndroiDiamond

    I'm back too

    August 2, 2013 by AndroiDiamond

    I've decided i'm going to work more on the zeta and lawyerstuck sessions starting Monday. This wiki

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  • Mellohi Scratch

    I Havent Slept In About 20 Hours

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  • Kittygirl19

    An idea.

    July 17, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    • A civilzation emphasing castes/estates/strata of society. Castes are for life, and determine career.
    • Children don't have parents but sponsors, just as citizens of Rome had their 'pater' sponsors; this is where we got the English word 'patron', and the concept of a child's "godfather."
    • Strife between the players are symbolically strife between castes. Kids eventually learn not to judge each other based on their heritage / caste, but on individual merit and accomplishments.
    • The number three over and over again... with a mid-story reveal that what they thought was three is actually four. The magic number for this session is "324".

    Prenu have 'patroni' (singular 'patronus'), an adult prenu that invests, sponsors and grooms young prenu to assist an…

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  • Mellohi Scratch

    Nearly Back!

    July 16, 2013 by Mellohi Scratch

    Alright So It's My Last Full Day In Florida, Should Be Going To The Airport Tomorrow. The Flight From Orlando To Manchester Is Going To Be 8 Hours, Then I Need To Wait 6 Hours Till My Flight Back To Ireland, Which Is 1 Hour, Then Ill Be Home! I Got Skyrim For The PC And I Hope It Will Work On My Laptop. I Also Kinda Have A Little Art Project Involving Ashlynn, Which Should Take A Few Months/Weeks.

    Anyway I Should Be Back Soon! I Should Have Internet In Manchester So I Might Be Online Then!

    See Ya Then!

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  • Mellohi Scratch


    July 8, 2013 by Mellohi Scratch

    Hey Guys! I Have A Reason For Not Being On The Site! I'm On Holiday! (3rd Of July - 18th Of July) I'll Be Back On As Soon As I Get Back!

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  • Mellohi Scratch

    Alright Guys, Just Wanna Say Something About How Goddamn Awesome Jimmy Cole Is At Sprite Editing, No Really Though, I Wish I Had Those Skills.

    Seriously Though, I Cant Do The Amazing Stuff He Does, 

    Wasnt That A Joyride Of Epic? Im Sure It Was!

    I Wanna Be Like That, Its Insane How Amazing It Is.

    How Do You Do It My Friend?


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  • Professional Bubbler


    May 25, 2013 by Professional Bubbler

    So. The Zeta Session.

    What's it gonna be?

    Well, let me think about this for a second: We all want to make a fan story in the Homestuck universe. I myself want to take elements from the comic itself and a few small points from the Omega Session that were pretty awesome. We need a good plot, maybe complex like that of Homestuck but not complex enough to screw everyone's heads too far. Also, playing with time the way we did in TOS is really what screwed us over. Let's do all of us a favor and not do that.

    As for characters: We need a very brilliant bunch. A couple expies (exported characters for those unfamiliar with the term) of a few of the TOS characters might be used, but we should generally keep all the material fresh.

    Continued later.


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  • Mellohi Scratch

    Alright Guys, Its Time To Get Brainstorming! We Might Need To Make Some More Characters And Up-The-Wiki A Bit, And Start The New Session, So I Think We Should Get Working On It Right Away! If Anyone Has Any Ideas For ANYTHING Listed Above, I Would Be Glad To Hear Them! Also, This Isnt Needed But If Anyone Wants To Play Any Steam Games With Me While We Brainstorm, Thats Alright!

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  • Professional Bubbler

    So, May 4th is considered a sort of unofficial Star Wars day. And as you all probably know, that was yesterday. So without further adieu, happy late Star Wars day. May the Force be with you all. ;)

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  • AndroiDiamond

    Hey Rguy or anybody else, just wanted to show you my idea for the omega session.

    How about having different people who join the roleplay become a character and battle each other for the universe.

    It maybe a stupid idea though...

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  • Rguy3

    Okay, so me and my friend are doing a webcomic on Smackjeeves called Journey Point. It's barely begun, but we're going to make some progress within the month, we hope. Because of this, I need to finish my Florida Virtual School course ASAP and stuff. Thus, less time on the wiki. I might check back in the mornings between 6-9 but then I'll likely be off for the rest of the day.



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  • Rguy3

    We need a carapace subplot. Preferably about Jack and the surviving archagents. I'm low on ideas now, but Jack hates BQ with a passion (

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  • Rguy3

    I'm making a lame Kingdom Hearts fan game in RPG maker. By 'lame' I mean 'blatant parody'. I love the series but couldn't help myself when my more obnoxious friend suggested it last friday. For those familiar with the series, it's based off Organization XIII, so this is the header:

    Credit to Call_Me_Fezzy for the header. It needs a little work.

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  • Rguy3

    Art styles for mirror.

    March 20, 2013 by Rguy3

    Okay, just thought I should run these by you guys real quick.

    CUT AND PASTE: The usual style of Homestuck and Homestuck's fan comics. I might note that Diamond is particularly good at this.

    RIPS: When you download an image of MS Paint Adventures and edit it.

    HERO/VILLAIN MODE: This is how you let someone know something awesome is happening. The characters are hand-drawn and more proportionate.

    GRIMDARK MODE: A little something I thought we could introduce. Grimdark Mode is how you let someone know something freaking terrifying is happening, like when Cass is mutilating the imp.

    Everybody understand? Good. Anyone want to add a style? Say so in the comments.

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  • Rguy3

    My sisters are crashed out, watching Doctor Who, and I'm at my damn computer.

    I hate my life sometimes.

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  • Call Me Fezzy

    Well here goes. Another pointless blog post.

    I got a phone a few days ago. It has a TARDIS case and stuff. Yeah. And I haven't been roleplaying on this wiki that much. Mostly just on another website. But whatever. I was at a sleepover yesterday, my sister is watching TV, and I just looked at my stapler. I'm really bored.


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  • AndroiDiamond

    Pesterhcum 3.41

    February 11, 2013 by AndroiDiamond!-New-Thread

    This is a really cool pesterchum program. Check this thing out dudes!


    •  :pleasant:
    •  :blueghost:
    •  :slimer:
    •  :candycorn:
    •  :cheer:
    •  :duhjohn:
    •  :datrump:
    •  :facepalm:
    •  :bonk:
    •  :mspa:
    •  :gun:
    •  :cal:
    •  :amazedfirman:
    •  :amazed:
    •  :chummy:
    •  :cool:
    •  :smooth:
    •  :distraughtfirman
    •  :distraught:
    •  :insolent:
    •  :bemused:
    •  :3:
    •  :mystified:
    •  :pranky:
    •  :tense:
    •  :record:
    •  :squiddle:
    •  :tab:
    •  :beetip:
    •  :flipout:
    •  :befuddled:
    •  :pumpkin:
    •  :trollcool:
    •  :jadecry:
    •  :ecstatic:
    •  :relaxed:
    •  :discontent:
    •  :devious:
    •  :sleek:
    •  :detestful:
    •  :mirthful:
    •  :manipulative:
    •  :vigorous:
    •  :perky:
    •  :acceptant:
    •  :olliesouty:
    •  :billiards:
    •  :billiardslarge:
    •  :whatdidyoudo:
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  • Kittygirl19


    February 10, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    I made the years and sweeps converter on my profile.

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  • Kittygirl19

    What? A Lucky Edit?

    February 9, 2013 by Kittygirl19

    I have a lucky edit!

    It's mine!

    4000! *repeated 4000 times*

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  • Rguy3

    End of Episode 2 + Mirror

    February 4, 2013 by Rguy3

    Hi all! I noticed that episode 2 of The Omega Session has gotten really long. I personally think we need to send it out with a bang (hopefully send the rest of the humans and trolls to The Medium) and start episode 3. If anyone has any cool ideas for this, my talk page is the place to do it. Also, we need to start the mirror soon, if we are to do it at all. Once again, discuss on my talk page. If anyone has any images relating to The Omega Session, put them there along with your discussing. Hopefully, we can all make panels and we'll mirror the best of them on the MSPFA site. 

    Happy RPing!

    Feelin' lucky? (talk) 00:40, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

    EDIT: We have yet to put a mirror up, but once panels begin coming, I'll put one up. It'll be mostly te…

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  • Call Me Fezzy

    Hey, I just figured out how to use this! And uh...stuff. Yeah. I am waiting for the new Doctor Who episode this April. I am sitting here in my Tae-Kwon-Do uniform. It's comfortable. My brother is sitting next to me, roelplaying on the exact same wiki. I am roleplaying on WCRPG and here. I like fezzes and forks. Peace out until I feel like writing another one of these.

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