Saturn symbol
Belun Lono


Prince of Time



Screen Name

neutralAchromatic (NA)

Typing Style

Type555 with 555 repla555ing all ‘s’ or ‘c’ or any 555imilar 555ounds… He al555o put555 three punctuation mark555 like thi555!!! Or like thi555 ???

Strife Specibi

wandkind, axekind


Orcus - Moirail
Other teammates - ???


Land of Trees and Meadows

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears smart looking glasses. One horn is shaped like a boomerang. The other was snapped off by Orcus (it’s about 2 inches now). Messy hair that reaches the middle of the back of his neck. Tailored suit with open jacket and loose tie that is his blood color. The jacket has his sign embroidered on it. (Based off this Vriska picture!

Lusus: Serpentdad

Personality: Very neutral. He enjoys watching sci-fi, comedy, and action movies. He also enjoys flarping with his good morail Orcus. When he gets angry he gets REALLY angry though. ((Also he has a thing for fashion. Which is what makes most trolls laugh at him. Sometimes he makes awesome outfits for his friends but he never would have the guts to show most of them, except Auraka and Siduri. Despite all the fashion-girly stuff, he’s actually quite messy.))

Blood Color: Azure

Dream World: Prospit