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Auraka Parcae
Auraka Parcae


Hunter of Blood



Screen Name

angelicHarrowing (AH)

Typing Style

She would talk normally if she didn’t do |t|h|i|s| or *T*H*I*S*, which she usually uses for curse words.

Strife Specibi



Siduri Hotei - Friend


Land of Milk and Cookies

Gender: Female

Appearance: She would maybe be considered adorable if she weren’t so tall or for her ‘problem’. She wears her hair in pigtails and long bangs covering the right side of her face and basically wears a sailor outfit like those girls in anime. Which she doesn’t discover until she is introduced to the kids. She wears a bow the color of her blood. Like mentioned before, she’s tall and lanky. Her horns are shaped like coils and the tip points upward. She has yet to hit her actual growth spurt. (Yeah, she still hasn’t hit troll puberty.) Half her face though is metal, like a cyborg or something. Her eye is a glowing teal, half her teeth are actually metal, etc. That’s why she uses her bangs to hide her face and wears a mouth mask. She has a bag in which she always carries a thick, steel pipe (the plumbing kind, not the smoking one).

Lusus: Wolfmom

Personality: She is a very violent person, in general. Which is weird because she has a secret obsession with cute or girly things. Things such as romantic rainbow drinker/mutant woofbeast novels or plushies. She enjoys any color close to pink, which is why she is determined to have one of the sea trolls or Eir to be her matesprit/kismesis. Her determination is actually more of an obsession. But she is very overprotective of Siduri (Her nickname for him is Sidu). She’s very good at mechanics but dislikes it.

Blood Color: Green

Dream World: Derse